Group Israel Tours

Group tours are for people travelling together that have specific interests they all share.  For example, perhaps your synagogue or book club wants to tour Israel together, as a group.  As a group, you have several options.  One option is to book one of Israel Celebration Tour’s traditional, classic tours. Instead of touring with people you have not yet met, you would travel together as one group.   

Another option you could consider is creating your own custom Israel tour. It is unlike any other tour you’ve seen, yet one that everyone in your organisation experiences as a group.  Your cohort could decide it wants to spend 10 days, exploring only Jerusalem with your Rabbi or pastor. Or your Youth Director wishes to take a group of High School Seniors on a special summer or winter trip that includes many outdoor activities.

We work with you, having conversations about your group’s interest, places everyone wants to tour, the dates that work best, and any other special considerations.  Perhaps some or all in the group are vegan, or the group would like to begin and end their day in a minyan or prayer group located in distinctive settings. 

Israel Celebration Tours excels at customizing Israel tours.  We will handle the details of your Israel tour!  Then, you enjoy the tour!

For more ideas on what you could put into your tour, visit our Custom Israel Tour page.

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